April 10th Update: Mayor orders 15 Seattle parks closed for weekend.

Thursday afternoon the City of Seattle announced that the major city parks will be completely closed this weekend. The closure begins Friday, April 10th at 11 pm. The parks will open again Monday, April 13th at 4:30 am.

The closures were deemed necessary because of continued crowding at the parks and people ignoring social distancing rules, combined with it being a holiday weekend with nice weather in the forecast.

It’s possible the closures will continue on weekends after this. The city is also considering extending closures to neighborhood parks. Please, please follow all social distancing guidelines, and seriously consider wearing masks (even if it’s only a bandana) when out at parks. This includes staying spread out from your household members while at a park.

Some people are ruining things for everyone. Don’t be one of those people!

Crews will be stationed at each of the parks on the closure list to turn people away. The parking lots at most of these parks have already been closed.

The parks to be closed this weekend are:

Alki Beach

Cal Anderson Park

Carkeek Park

Discovery Park

Gas Works Park

Green Lake

Golden Gardens

Kubota Garden

Lincoln Park

Magnuson Park

Seward Park

Volunteer Park

Washington Park Arboretum

West Seattle Stadium

Woodland Park

2 thoughts on “April 10th Update: Mayor orders 15 Seattle parks closed for weekend.

  1. Can’t hit the ‘like’ button. This is so sad. But it’s like trying to get children to do something they don’t want to do…if they won’t then it gets taken away from them. I hope you have a good weekend despite all the closures.


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