April 9th Update: More Parking Lots Close at Popular Seattle Parks

Yesterday Seattle Parks & Rec announced additional parking lot closures at popular Seattle parks because too many people are crowding too closely together.

They are encouraging people to take walks or throw a ball around at parks closer to home rather than heading for the big attractions.

Also, keep at least six feet of space between you and all others, including family members or roommates you are sheltering at home with. You know the person you are hiking a trail with lives with you, but observers can’t tell. When the police and parks department staff see people clumped together it raises alarms and prompts further drastic actions.

Before I list the parks, some reminders:

–  All picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports courts are closed.

–  All beaches (lake and sound) are closed to gatherings of any size. If you are on a beach with household members stay spread out.

–  Most parks open early (usually 4:30 or 6:00 am). If you can, visit parks soon after they open when fewer people are around.

The following parking lots are now closed. The parks themselves remain open, but you have to walk or bicycle to get there.

All parking lots along Lake Washington Boulevard

Washington Park Arboretum

Stan Sayers Park (boat ramp also closed)

Carkeek Park

Kubota Gardens

Woodland Park

Volunteer Park

West Seattle Stadium

These lot closures are in addition to the closures I previously posted about.

Also noteworthy: Rattlesnake Lake Rec Area and Rattlesnake Ledge Trail are now closed.


2 thoughts on “April 9th Update: More Parking Lots Close at Popular Seattle Parks

  1. So sad. Here in Michigan they haven’t closed parks yet, but I am beginning to think they might have to. I was out at a local one this weekend and places that never had people during this early spring weather were packed. Once again I have decided to stay in my own yard.


    • Yeah, it’s frustrating. It’s important for people to be able to get outdoors, but they need to do it sensibly so they don’t ruin it for everyone. We’ve been having nice weather, and today it finally warmed up a lot, which is probably going to increase crowding at parks. The forecast is for continued nice weather.

      I’ve gone out 4-5 times in the last 2 weeks for short periods, but what I’ve been doing is staying in my car. So I can enjoy the sunlight, watch birds, etc. but am in a quarantine bubble. I really, really don’t want to get sick because even “mild”cases sound very unpleasant.

      Stay safe!


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