Some Washington Outdoor Recreation Restrictions Will Ease on May 5th

Governor Inslee and his health advisors have been working hard at formulating a plan for reopening the state using a phased approach. The idea is to restart activities and businesses that carry low risk as soon as possible, and then stagger subsequent reopenings based on the best advice from disease experts.

Starting on May 5th several options will be available to state residents for enjoying the outdoors that have been shut down for the last month or more.

Day-use areas at most state parks and state public lands will open. Though you will want to double check that the place you want to visit will actually be open before going.

Golf courses will be allowed to open. Only twosomes will be allowed, unless a foursome is all from the same household. Check with the course you want to play at to see exactly when it will open.

Boat launches will be open. Only those from the same household should be in a boat together.

Fishing will be opened. Make sure you check the state regulations for this year and abide by all the regular seasons and restrictions.

Social distancing rules of being six feet away from other people will still be in effect while enjoying activities. There may be a rush with the openings, so you may want to try going during less popular times of day if you plan to head out.

Some things falling under the above will remain closed:

State campgrounds will remain closed for now.

Recreational fishing and shellfish harvesting on the Pacific Coast will still be closed.

Puget Sound fisheries for halibut, shrimp, and shellfish will still be closed.


If in doubt, check the appropriate websites for up to date info before making a special trip to engage in outdoor activities.

Comments or questions always welcome!

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