King County Parks Partly Reopen May 8th

King County parks are partly reopening today. The emphasis is for people to keep moving in the parks and on the trails. No congregating or group activities. One important thing is that restrooms will remain closed, so if you tend to get surprise emergencies due to medication or health issues you may want to hold off until toilets are available again.

The list of what is and isn’t open is complicated, so I’m just providing a link to the list on the King County website. That way you can check to see if your preferred activity is open.

ADA Parking to Reopen at Some Parks

Starting Friday, May 8th the handicapped parking spaces at Lincoln, Seward, Green Lake, and Magnuson Parks will be available to those with state placards or license plates.  This is important because the parks have been completely inaccessible for people who require close parking because of physical limits. Hopefully the list will be expanded soon.

All regular parking is still closed at these parks and anyone without a handicapped parking pass must either walk or bike to them.


April 9th Update: More Parking Lots Close at Popular Seattle Parks

Yesterday Seattle Parks & Rec announced additional parking lot closures at popular Seattle parks because too many people are crowding too closely together.

They are encouraging people to take walks or throw a ball around at parks closer to home rather than heading for the big attractions.

Also, keep at least six feet of space between you and all others, including family members or roommates you are sheltering at home with. You know the person you are hiking a trail with lives with you, but observers can’t tell. When the police and parks department staff see people clumped together it raises alarms and prompts further drastic actions.

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