On the Road: Heritage Station Museum in Pendleton, Oregon

heritage station museum in pendleton, oregon


On my recent road trip to Boise I spent a night in Pendleton, Oregon. I arranged my driving days on the trip so that I had time for sightseeing, either along the way or after getting checked in at motels and before it got dark. Since my trip was in November after we turned clocks back that was a pretty narrow window, so I could only choose one place to go in each town.

From studying a map before my trip I thought I would be checking out the Riverwalk in downtown Pendleton because parks and park-like public spaces are my thing. But when I arrived in town the Riverwalk didn’t look anything like I’d expected from what I could see of it while driving by.

On my way to the motel I also drove by the Heritage Station Museum, which hadn’t been on my radar at all. But it looked park-like and piqued my interest, so that’s where I headed after getting checked in at the Rugged Country Lodge on the far edge of town. (Nice little motel if you’re ever staying here overnight.)

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