King County Parks Partly Reopen May 8th

King County parks are partly reopening today. The emphasis is for people to keep moving in the parks and on the trails. No congregating or group activities. One important thing is that restrooms will remain closed, so if you tend to get surprise emergencies due to medication or health issues you may want to hold off until toilets are available again.

The list of what is and isn’t open is complicated, so I’m just providing a link to the list on the King County website. That way you can check to see if your preferred activity is open.

3 thoughts on “King County Parks Partly Reopen May 8th

    • A full reopening, meaning big groups gather for BBQ picnics, etc. doesn’t sound like a great idea right now. But people do need access to outdoor recreation because it has so many health benefits. Virus transmission outdoors is generally inefficient. It can happen for sure, but just the normal movement of air scatters particles. The scary part for me is people packing into bars, events, and that kind of thing again.

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