Coronavirus Update: Governor Inslee’s Stay At Home Order

Last night Governor Inslee issued a statewide stay at home order. The order is in effect until April 6th.

Luckily parks are still on the allowed activities list, as long as you follow all other precautions, which include not going if you are sick or know you have been exposed, and keeping at least six feet away from other people.

Here’s the list of activities that are still allowed under the new order:

What is allowed:

  • Grocery shopping and ordering take-out food from restaurants (food deliveries are also permitted)
  • Attending medical appointments and going to pharmacies
  • Taking a walk, running, biking and gardening (considered essential activities for everyone’s physical and mental health, Inslee noted.) You can also go to parks, as long as you’re practicing social distancing measures.
  • Going to gas stations, food banks, convenience stores, banks and laundromats
  • Continuing to work if you’re a part of any “essential businesses”. (Source: Seattle Times newspaper.)


Current known status of parks (can change at any time):

Playgrounds, picnic areas, and recreation facilities closed at all parks. (There may be some cities in the state that have not yet issued formal closures, but act is if the prohibition is in place everywhere.)

All state park campgrounds are closed. Day-use areas and trails remain open.

King County and Seattle parks and restrooms remain open, aside from the closed active recreation facilities.

Mount Rainier National Park is closed. For a list of closures or restrictions for all National Park properties in Washington you can bookmark this page to check status.




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