Snohomish County Parks Update

Today the Snohomish County Executive made a decision to partially close Snohomish County parks to reduce the recent crowding at many of them. Previously just the playgrounds were closed.

All restroom facilities are being closed.

Parks that have parking lots with a gate will have the gates shut and locked. Such parks are still open for use, but you need to be able to walk or bicycle to the park. This will cut down on the number of people in the parks.

This means crowds may increase at parks without gates. Be responsible and keep your distance or more draconian measures will be taken.

2 thoughts on “Snohomish County Parks Update

  1. Can’t hit the ‘like’ button because this is all oh so sad. Katie and I walked around her park yesterday. The restrooms are closed, conveniently for the park service they are usually closed in the winter (probably because there’s no heat in them and pipes would burst) so they are just leaving them closed. The playground was covered in yellow caution tape, looking sad. But the trail was still good and there were peepers and birds singing. No one else out there, as is usually the case when it’s cold. We had fun.


    • Wonderful that you and Katie got out and heard birds singing. I need that for myself. I’d been holding steady until today, but things caught up with me and I had a minor panic attack. Unfortunately I have things to do and can’t get outside today, but need to force myself to try tomorrow! Just seeing the sky and listening to birds and the wind in the trees is very soothing.


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