Coronavirus Update for Local Parks

King County Parks and Seattle Parks & Rec have issued new rules for county and city parks in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Parks remain open to the public and people are encouraged to get outside to exercise and enjoy nature. Just make sure you keep social distancing in mind and avoid park areas where bottlenecks may force people close together.

Some park ammenities are now closed until further notice. These include playgrounds, picnic shelters, and all active recreation areas like sports courts and ball fields. You can see the full announcement here.

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update for Local Parks

  1. I hope they continue to leave the parks open. I heard they will be closing some of the more crowded ones in Seattle. We visited Kanaskat-Palmer State Park yesterday, past Maple Valley on the beautiful Green River and it was very therapeutic!


    • Yes, it’s really important to keep parks open because people need the stress relief and exercise of being able to get outdoors! I live in a building on a neighborhood street lined on both sides with apartments and condos. We don’t have back yards to help! Our “garden” is an 8 foot wide strip of dirt, bushes, and trees between street parking and the building wall, heh. (Birds and squirrels do make the most of the limited space at least!)

      Glad you had a nice outing to the state park!


  2. They’ve waived all fees in my county…supposedly to get more people out to use the trails and walkways, but more likely so that no park person has to interact with people at the gate. Or maybe a bit of both. Katie the dog and I will be heading out into the sunshine (we have sunshine!!!!) in a bit to enjoy some outside time. She’s on the end of a 6 foot leash, so I guess we’re safe from each other. (That was a joke!) 🙂


    • That’s great about the fees being waved. You’re probably right that the reasoning is a bit of both. The great thing about dog leashes is you have a mobile measuring tool for keeping your distance, even from Katie! 😀

      Yay for your sunshine! We had a beautiful week, but it’ll be clouding up again tonight or tomorrow. Thick hazy clouds today but some sun coming through still. Hope you and Katie enjoyed your walk!


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