Avoiding the coronavirus? Do your social distancing at a park!

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park


Things are pretty weird in Seattle and across the country these days because of the coronavirus. No concerts. No professional sports. Schools and libraries are closed. Everyone who can is working from home. We’ve all learned to be expert handwashers. I’m 58-years-old and I’ve never seen anything like this.

A lot of people are taking this time to catch up on their Netflix binge watching, or are feeling ambitious and organizing an overstuffed closet. But social distancing doesn’t require you to be completely homebound.

Go to the parks!

The great thing about the great outdoors is there is plenty of room to spread out. And since we’re supposed to have lots of sunshine this week it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

Is there a distant park you’ve been meaning to explore but just haven’t gotten around to it? Or have you been wanting to take a walk in the woods? Now is good.

You could visit a list of viewpoints and see the city from all different angles. Use the Viewpoint category on this blog or my Magnolia Tour Route post for ideas.

How about a garden tour? It’s early yet for most flowers, but trees are starting to bloom, the birds are busy flitting around in bushes, and garden landscaping is often lovely and peace-inducing even without a profusion of flowers. See the Garden category for ideas. Not yet previewed are the Kubota, Japanese, Kruckeberg, and Bellevue Botanical Gardens.

There aren’t many surfaces you need to worry about avoiding touching at a park (unless your kids can’t stay away from the playground). But if you’re the ultra cautious type, your vehicle is a roaming protective bubble.

There are lots of parks where you can sit in your car and read a book or listen to a podcast while enjoying the sun and a view. Golden Gardens, Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, Carkeek, Colman, Madrona, Stan Sayres, Jose Rizal, Brackett’s Landing, and Sunset Avenue are all good spots for this.

If you’re into birds, the great blue herons are busy working on their nests at Commodore Park. And since the trees don’t have leaves yet this is the perfect time to go take a look. Bring binoculars if you have them.

This is a difficult time for everyone, but there are opportunities too. And best of all, parks are free!

3 thoughts on “Avoiding the coronavirus? Do your social distancing at a park!

  1. I’m walking the dog more. I have to put a muzzle on him to keep him from barking at everything, but I can’t take him to the dog park because with school out people bring their kids and Beau HATES kids.


    • That’s frustrating. Kinda reminds me of Jordan. He liked human kids just fine, but he could be a terror with puppies, even when he was still part puppy himself. His first meeting with baby Ranger was a bit rough. 😀

      I was at the beach at Golden Gardens on Saturday and didn’t realize I’d broken protocol until I thought about it later. I just had to pet a young and friendly black lab as she passed me by to get a dog fix. But doing that brought me less than 6 feet away from her owner. Oops!


  2. Good advice. Katie and I are visiting parks more, we hardly ever see anyone. It’s good to be outside. Luckily this happened with spring around the corner so we can get out. Though it’s been cold and grey, still it’s better than being cooped up inside watching the news!

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