Driving Into Seattle


One of the things I occasionally like to do is snap photos as I’m driving. The first time I ever did it was on a solo week long camping trip I took to British Columbia in 1989 because there were some great views on a gravel mountain road I was driving and I thought the pics would make a nice memory of being on that road.

I usually only think to do it while on trips, but I’d like to do more around town because the pics capture place and time. These photos are from two different days when I was driving back into the city from being away and the traffic was slow.









2 thoughts on “Driving Into Seattle

    • Yeah, though it really depends on day and time of day. Often I can schedule things to avoid the worst of traffic, and can even zip around on the freeways. (Sunday mornings are usually good.)

      One of these days I was backed up in the lane to get onto the Express Lanes when returning from Kent in late afternoon. No help for that one. The day I was next to the ballparks I was returning from Ellensburg on I-90 and the exit to I-5 going north was shut down. Ugh! It took me over 30 minutes to go the mile or less from the closed exit to the surface streets. Lesson learned: check freeway construction status before heading out! That one was on me because I could have exited at Rainier Ave. like most people did who knew what was going on. Bleh.

      To add insult to injury, my car broke down as I was navigating back to the freeway and I went through a 5 hour ordeal waiting for towing and getting home. One of my worst days ever.


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