Lakewood Marina Park in Seattle

lakewood marina park in seattle


This is the eighth park in my Lake Washington parks series. For full info and a list of all the parks see the introduction here.





Lakewood in southeast Seattle

Special Features

Easy Lake Access
Hand Carry Boat Launch
Views of Baker and Rainier


Lake Washington Boulevard and Adams Street



I don’t actually know if this park area has an official name, but since it surrounds Lakewood Moorage that’s what I’m calling it. There are three sections. There is a north park section, the marina in the middle, then another park section on the south side of the marina.

I’ll describe the north and south sections separately below.

As far as I can tell there is no public access at the marina, so you can’t walk out to the little island with the gazebo. The marina parking lot requires a parking permit that is issued to those who moor their boats here.


Lakewood North

The northside park is very plain. It has a large parking lot, a porta potty, and a wide grass strip between the lot and the lake.

There are no benches or picnic tables. So your options are to bring a folding chair, sit on a lawn blanket, or sit in your car.

Since there’s not a lot going on here, this is a low-key spot to go for a lawn picnic with easy access to the lake for wading or playing on inflatables. The shoreline is gravel so you’ll probably want some water shoes.

Because of the generous amount of parking available this is a good spot to launch non-motorized hand carry watercraft of all types, or to leave your car to head out for a walk or bike ride along the paved path that travels between Seward and Colman parks.

As a bonus you get a peek view of Mount Rainier beyond the marina through a gap in the trees in between the mainland and the Seward Park peninsula. I believe you can see Mt. Baker on clear days also, but there were clouds on the north horizon both times I was here.


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Lakewood South

South of the marina is another public parking lot.

This parking lot isn’t as large, it has a single strip of parking along the shoreline.

The parking here is on a little bay that contains the marina and open water filled with lily pads. You get a nice view of the moored boats, and friendly ducks looking for a handout.

As the signs say, don’t feed the ducks. I know it’s tempting, but it’s not good for them.

Both times I was here last spring an osprey pair were fishing out just beyond the marina docks. So I’m assuming there’s a nest somewhere in the vicinity, but I didn’t see it.

There is a tiny beach area in front of the parking lot, but the water doesn’t look very inviting for playing in with all the lily pads. It is a good hand carry boat launch.

There aren’t any picnic tables or benches near the parking lot. But a little way to the south of the lot a point of land juts out into the lake. There are three benches out on the point, and a picnic table on the far south side of the point closer to the boulevard.

I didn’t take the time to walk out there, but it looks like it would be a very pretty spot for a lawn picnic, reading a book on a bench, or watching boats and birds.

There’s no bathroom facility that I saw, so you’d need to use the porta potty in the north section.


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Things to Know


6 am to 10 pm


No benches in the north section.

Three benches on the point in the south section.

No picnic tables in the north, one picnic table on the point in the south.


Porta potty at the southwest corner of the north parking lot.


Large lot in the north section, many spaces with a view of the lake.

Smaller lot in the south section, but still room for quite a few cars.

Handicap spaces available in both lots.

For most of the year you should have no trouble finding parking. I haven’t been by here in the summer, so I don’t know if the lots fill up sometimes then or not.


Both park sections are mostly used by locals. A lot of the people don’t linger long because they just pause for a bit while out for a walk or bike ride.

I was here on sunny weekend afternoons in late May and early June. There were several people in each area, but everything was low-key and quiet.

I don’t know if things get busy when the weather turns hot. As a point of comparison, on the June weekend Stan Sayres Park was hopping with activity and not much was going on here.

Photo Ops

Boats, birds, peek view of Rainier

Best light: afternoon

Web Resources

Map Location


Aerial view courtesy of King County iMap


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