Black Friday at Golden Gardens


I’ve never gone shopping on Black Friday. You couldn’t pay me enough!

Lately I’ve been into making timelapse videos, so I took advantage of a break in the weather to head to Golden Gardens to see if I could get any interesting cloud action.

I use my older bridge camera for timelapses because it not only has a built-in intervalometer, but also the ability to create the video in-camera. My newer camera with a much better sensor has an intervalometer, but you have to use software on your computer to make the video and I don’t want to deal with that.

It works out well this way though. I set the bridge camera up on the tripod for the timelapse and then can use my main camera for other shots while the interval shooting is in-progress. I did catch a neat shift in cloud direction on this outing in the timelapse video.

So while the bridge camera was busy doing its thing I watched interesting clouds.



Had a chat with a seagull that came and kept me company for a while.



Watched this guy launch his kayak. He paused for a bit here, perhaps pondering the wisdom of heading out into a weather break that was quickly disappearing.



After I’d been at the park for about twenty minutes it had started sprinkling rain. The kind of rain we Seattleites can easily ignore when we are determined to be outside. But a thick band of rain had started on the far side of the sound and was slowly moving in my direction and the sprinkle was picking up speed. Finally I decided I should end the interval shots with still about 100 left to go and packed up my gear.

I made it back to my car just in the nick of time.



2 thoughts on “Black Friday at Golden Gardens

    • The seagull didn’t have anything to say, but kept cocking it’s head as I talked to it as if it were very interested in my ramblings. 😀


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