17 thoughts on “Bluebells

    • Trisha! It’s funny, I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering if you were spending any time in blogworld. I miss your squirrels. 🙂


      • I always have good intentions about posting a squirrel update but I can’t seem to get around to it. The days go by too fast. I swear time has sped up. Or, maybe I’ve just slowed down. 😀I hope you are doing well!


  1. I saw bluebells in the wild for the first time a couple years ago, in the woods in Ohio near Lake Erie. They were amazing and I’ve sort of wanted to find some to plant in my garden…but then again…they had spread all over the forest floor and I’m worried they’d be invasive in my garden. But oh my they were beautiful!

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    • I’ve seen photos of fields of bluebells in the wild, but never seen it in person. I’m not sure that we have anywhere like that in Washington. I’d love to see it though!

      These are in the garden strip in front of my building and I’m not positive how they got there. I had originally assumed seeds blew in a few years ago, but it turns out they grow from bulbs. My best guess is a squirrel dug up a bulb elsewhere buried it here. (The garden strip has lots of shallow holes where squirrels stash and then dig stuff up.) Thanks for the pretty flowers, furry friend.


  2. I absolutely love this photo. Word press is so confusing to me. I get your blog via email, and the photo is a bit grainy. Then when I open up and go to your blog, the photo is crystal clear. This happens with other people too. I can’t figure it out.


    • Thank you! I’ve noticed the same thing since I follow blogs via email also. I think images are automatically reduced in resolution for emails in order to take up less bandwidth.

      And even here on the actual blog pages WP does something to reduce resolution on uploaded pics. I reduce the resolution on my photos before posting usually because I have a free account with limited storage space. But even with that, the reduced photos on my computer are sharper and have more detail than when they are displayed here. Usually it doesn’t matter too much because photos are displayed at a small size, but it’s quite noticeable as soon as I zoom in a bit.


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