Cormorant Choking Down Lunch

The theme for CFFC this week is funny, and I happened to run into a funny situation with a cormorant yesterday.

You’ll have to excuse the terrible quality of the photos. It was harsh mid day light with the sun at a bad angle, and the birds were fishing a long way out from shore so I had to heavily crop.

I started shooting this cormorant after it had surfaced and swallowed half of its catch. Normally I see them come up with nothing, or a fish. This one had come up with some kind of big eel type thing (I’m not a marine biologist), and was having a difficult time choking the whole thing down.


Hold still, I’m trying to eat you!


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American Wigeon at Matthews Beach

Matthews Beach is one of the best spots in Seattle to observe American wigeons. They hang out here in large flocks this time of year, grazing on the lawn and dabbling for water plants. On this trip I even saw a male Eurasian wigeon mixed in, but didn’t get a clear photo of him. (The Eurasians are uncommon visitors all the way from Siberia.)