Summer Means Gardens



With summer just around the corner up ahead now is a good time to start thinking about making a special trip to one of the greater Seattle area formal gardens, like the Woodland Park Rose Garden pictured here. There are several such public gardens in the Puget Sound area. Some are free, some have a fee.

Here are some links to help with planning:

Greater Seattle area

Western Washington

Public tours of private gardens

You don’t have to drive across the city or to another town to have an enjoyable garden experience though. The wonderful Seattle P-Patch community garden program has gardens scattered all throughout the city.

These gardens allow people who might not otherwise be able to garden due to living in apartments, etc. to sign up for plots in which they can grow whatever they like. Many grow food, but these gardens are also packed with colorful flowers and contain eclectic garden art from late spring through late fall.

The public is welcome at these gardens. Just remember that all plants and produce belong to the gardener who planted them. Do not pick any flowers or harvest any berries or vegetables. Visit the P-Patch website to find a garden near you.

Seattle P-Patch map

Posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the theme of summer.

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