Quest for Seattle Viewpoints


Park Preview has its genesis in my quest for Seattle viewpoints after I became interested in photography again and finally replaced my little pocket point and shoot with a quality bridge camera at the beginning of 2015.

The blog grew out of my frustration with a lack of details available for the places I wanted to eventually go with my camera, and has now taken on a life of its own. I still haven’t visited most of the viewpoints on my original list yet. But the journey has been enjoyable, with unexpected turns, and I’ve experienced many places I would have overlooked if not for blogging.

My quest continues tomorrow as I take my best friend on her requested “urban outing” for her birthday this year (she lives in the ‘burbs) and we will have a chance to explore some new and old places together.

Photo taken at Ella Bailey Park and posted for the WPC with the “quest” theme.


5 thoughts on “Quest for Seattle Viewpoints

  1. An ‘urban adventure’ sounds like a lot of fun, even though most of my own adventures involve wilderness, woods, lakes and trees. Have fun! Hoping to see lots of images!


    • Thanks, Dawn! I do better in natural and open spaces myself. I’m hoping to avoid a panic attack when driving in downtown Seattle, which I haven’t done in more than 10 years. Should be an interesting day and the camera will get a good workout. Now we just have to see how much the weather will cooperate.


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