Sand Sculpture



I was in Arlington yesterday to drop off my sister. She and our 78-year-old mom (she’s amazing!) met up there to head into the mountains for a 5 day/4 night backpacking trip on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Me not being a hiker, I enjoyed my much more sedate pastime of exploring a couple parks after bidding them farewell. I was delighted to discover this sand sculpture at River Meadows County Park, left over from the annual Festival of the River & Pow Wow.

By carving edges into large piles of wet sand people can create amazing pieces of art. The art is temporary though as the elements take their toll. The festival was held a month ago, and many edges of this sculpture are crumbling.

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6 thoughts on “Sand Sculpture

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    • I was amazed at how good it still looks after a month. Though little rain this time of year helps. There is something to be said for ephemeral art. It’s like seeing a spectacularly good sunset. Something to be enjoyed and treasured in the moment.


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  3. How amazing! Both the sculpture and your mom heading off for a 5 day backpacking expedition. I would wish that I could do something like that at her age but I can’t even do it at my age now. :/

    I really like that sculpture. It’s beautiful and also cool that it’s meant to be temporary like the Tibetan sand mandalas.


    • I know! My mom has been an avid hiker her whole life and pretty much puts everyone to shame with her fitness level at her advanced age. My sister likes hiking with her a lot more now because she can keep up with Mom now that age has slowed her down some. Ha!

      I’ve been impressed with photos I’ve seen of amazing sand sculptures. This was the first time I got to see one in person, so was pretty tickled to stumble over it.


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