Park Painter

commodore6-30-16 312


When I was at Commodore Park in June several men were scattered around with their easels painting. I asked if they were taking a class and was told no, they are friends who get together every month or two at different locations around Seattle to enjoy their painting hobby. I thought that was pretty cool. (I’ve seen painters all around Volunteer Park on one of my visits there also.)

I don’t often photograph people (aside from family snapshots), but as I was leaving for the day this gentleman was starting to pack up and I asked if I could take his photo with his paintings. He happily agreed. Posted for Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge (but not implying this nice man is an oddball!).

4 thoughts on “Park Painter

  1. This is a lovely portrait! I’m amazed that he created those paintings with water colors and that brush. Or that anyone can create anything that looks like anything with any kind of paint!

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    • I’m with you. I have absolutely no artistic ability of any kind. Even my stick people aren’t very good! So I really enjoy seeing other people being able to create in that way.


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