Freeway Park 40th Anniversary Celebration



It’s difficult for me to believe, but it’s been forty years since Freeway Park in Seattle opened to the public. I was a teenager living in Edmonds at the time, and I remember thinking it was such a cool and creative way to bring green into the middle of the city.

Freeway Park was the first park in the U.S. to lid an interstate, and was an impressive feat of engineering.

A 40th anniversary celebration will be held at the park’s Central Plaza (6th and Seneca) on Sunday, July 3rd. The party commences at 11:30 am and will include food, free music, face painting, tours of the park’s arboretum, and other family oriented activities.

The celebration ends at 2:00 pm. But if you want to make a big day of it, the second annual free Seattle Parks and Recreation Blues and Cool Jazz concert will be held in the park afterwards from 2-4 pm.

The website is here, which has a link to a park brochure and map.

Comments or questions always welcome!

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