Keeping Kids Cool at Seattle Area Spray Parks

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying our cooldown over the last two or three weeks after a too hot spring. But warm and sunny weather is headed our way again, so you might soon be looking for ways to cool off, especially if you have kids.

The easiest way to cool off is to find a nice shady tree in your backyard or at your local park and sit under it. Having a portable chair with you means easily finding the perfect spot. It’s amazing how pleasant it can be even on hot days. If there’s a nice breeze blowing you won’t even know you’re in the middle of a heat wave while sitting there.

But for many people, cooling off in summer means only one thing. Getting wet.

Over the last several years spray parks have been added to ten Seattle locations. They not only offer a way for youngsters to cool off in the heat while playing with other children, but they also help conserve water if you use them instead of your own sprinkler or kiddie pool. (And you don’t have to foot the water bill!)

The Seattle spray parks are in operation every day of the week from Memorial Day through Labor Day from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. This makes spray parks a welcome alternative to wading pools.

Wading pools don’t open until the end of June, and most are only open three or four days a week. And that’s only if the day is sunny and warm. (There is a phone number listed in the Parkways link below you can call to find out if your local wading pool will be open that day.) Only five city parks have wading pools open every day.

Here is the list of Seattle locations that offer spray parks:

Ballard Commons
Beacon Mountain at Jefferson Park
John C. Little Park
Lower Judkins
Georgetown Playfield
Highland Park
Lake Union Park
Miller Community Center
Northacres Park
Pratt Park

For details on Seattle spray parks, wading pools, outdoor swimming pools, and swimming beaches, you can go to this Seattle Parkways blog post.

You can also go to this article at ParentMap that covers spray parks and play fountains in the greater Seattle area.

Now if only they would make some spray parks for adults…


2 thoughts on “Keeping Kids Cool at Seattle Area Spray Parks

  1. I wish there would have been more spray parks around when my kids were little! Willis Tucker Park, located in between Mill Creek and Snohomish, also has a spray park for families up north.


    • Thanks for mentioning Willis Tucker Park. It’s listed in the ParentMap article, along with some other Snohomish county sprayparks, for any readers who want details.


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