Ship Canal Bridge

northpassagepoint7-23-15 244


Seattle is a city defined by water. We are squeezed between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, and work around two other lakes, Lake Union and Green Lake. We have lots of bridges.

This is the Ship Canal Bridge, an immense structure built to move massive amounts of freeway traffic over the canal which connects Lake Union to Lake Washington. It’s a double decker, with the main north and south lanes on top, and reversible express lanes on the lower level.

Photo taken from North Passage Point Park in the University District and posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the “all about cities” theme.


northpassagepoint7-23-15 152


8 thoughts on “Ship Canal Bridge

  1. Great shots of the Ship Canal Bridge! It is such a key feature of Seattle. I always enjoy the view from the top of it, so it’s interesting to see it from underneath.


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    • I do too. Not sure where it comes from, but I’ve realized over the last year I really enjoy photographing bridges.


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