Skykomish River

skykomish river at index


The assignment from the WPC today is to “share your vision of our glorious Mother Earth”. This picture was taken with my very first digital camera, a little Canon point and shoot, so the image quality is a bit lacking.

But it does help demonstrate why I think Washington State is such a gloriously beautiful example of the natural splendor of our Mother Earth.

Photo taken from the Index bridge over the north fork of the Skykomish River near the beginning of October in 2005.


12 thoughts on “Skykomish River

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    • Photos of rivers are especially appealing to me in hot weather for the reason you said. You can almost feel yourself in the cold water. Well, not all rivers I guess. Mountain runoff rivers like we have here. Murky rivers like they have in the South look creepy to me. Heh.

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  2. Beautiful scene. You know, I never thing to look for the weekly WordPress challenge but I’m going to try to remember to do so…and maybe I’ll join this week’s still.


    • You should! You can participate any time during the week.

      I finally subscribed so I get an email with the topic, because I always forgot to check also. That means I get an email every day with writing prompts, but I just delete them unread since this isn’t that kind of blog. The photo prompt is usually the second email sent on Fridays, the first one being a writing topic.


    • It’s a great spot for taking photos. There’s no sign from looking at this that a tiny town is immediately to your left.


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