Seattle Parks & Rec Scholarships

Seattle Parks and Recreation runs a vast variety of programs through the community centers throughout the year. Activities include art, swimming, sports, camps, and so much more. Of special interest to many of my readers are Lifelong Recreation with all kinds of programs designed for people aged 50+ and Specialized Programs for those of all ages with disabilities.

Parks and Rec offers scholarships each year to qualifying individuals and families, including seniors and the disabled. Scholarships are based on income and family size, and can be applied to program/class fees in order to make them accessible to everyone. I believe the scholarships are sliding scale, meaning they range from small discounts to making programs entirely free, based on need.

Income documentation is required, including your most recent tax forms, when applying. For details on what to bring, call the community center where you will be applying. Applications are available at all community centers, or you can download a PDF copy in order to print and fill it out ahead of time before taking it to your local center.

Approval can take up to several weeks, so it’s best to apply as soon as possible for the 2016-2017 spring through winter programs.

Here are some informational links:

List of Seattle community centers

Links to programs and activities to see what is available

Lifelong Recreation page (includes link to spring brochure)

Specialized Programs page


2 thoughts on “Seattle Parks & Rec Scholarships

  1. I was browsing through the Mill Creek magazine the other day and was excited to see how many interesting programs there are for seniors through the community center. There were a few I was disappointed to see that I was too young to participate in! It’s great that you’re getting the word out about what’s available in Seattle.


    • I loved being in my 30s, and once in my 40s I thought everything was downhill from there. But it turns out that I’m really digging the 50s. Complete surprise to me! Part of that is new opportunities open up as a “senior”. My next big goal in life is to get old enough to start taking advantage of senior discounts. Ha!


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