Seattle Parks & Rec Scholarships

Seattle Parks and Recreation runs a vast variety of programs through the community centers throughout the year. Activities include art, swimming, sports, camps, and so much more. Of special interest to many of my readers are Lifelong Recreation with all kinds of programs designed for people aged 50+ and Specialized Programs for those of all ages with disabilities.

Parks and Rec offers scholarships each year to qualifying individuals and families, including seniors and the disabled. Scholarships are based on income and family size, and can be applied to program/class fees in order to make them accessible to everyone. I believe the scholarships are sliding scale, meaning they range from small discounts to making programs entirely free, based on need.

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PlayGarden – A Place for Non-Robust Children

Seattle Children’s PlayGarden has opened in south Seattle. I didn’t read all the details, but it looks like it’s a joint project between a non-profit organization and the Seattle parks department. The play areas and gardens are designed to accommodate children of all abilities, with disabled children being the target population.

Since it’s pretty far from where I live and I don’t have kids, I won’t be doing a preview. But I figured some of my readers might be looking for something like this. The park is open to the public during daylight hours all year long, except when their summer daycamps are in session.

PlayGarden website

YouTube Video about PlayGarden