I’m Back and A Daytrip Suggestion

Yay! I finally have internet access at home again. Now I have to get back in the swing of this blog.

All the many, many rainy days this winter – and no active blogging – kept me indoors with little motivation. The lack of access to my weather apps made planning for the few nice days we had impossible. So now I need to get back into the swing of planning outings too. I sure noticed the difference when I went to a park on a sunny day last week. I’m way more out of shape than usual (and usual is pretty darn out of shape). I’m going to have to work back up to walking around for park photos.

In case anyone is curious, I’ve gone with T-Mobile as my internet provider. It means I have to work within a data limit, but it was the most reasonable solution I could come up with. (I’m on a very limited income.) I signed up for a 6 GB per month data only plan for only $35 per month. That’s a really great price for mobile data, and most importantly, affordable for me.

I did have to purchase a 4G LTE hotspot, but a timely birthday gift from my mom and saved up credit card points paid for it. (I got the Samsung T-Mobile hotspot on Amazon for only $89.) Best of all, there is no contract and Netflix streaming is “free”, in that watching movies and TV episodes does not count against my monthly data allowance. Since I don’t have a TV that is a big deal, and was the deciding factor.

To get back to my blog themes of photography and enjoying the beauty of the out-of-doors, I have a daytrip suggestion for you courtesy of Joe Becker. I’ve mentioned his blog and photographing Seattle ebook here before.

His blog post from yesterday is about going to see the giant flocks of geese and blooming tulips in the Skagit delta area, which is located just south of Mount Vernon. It’s usually an easy hour to hour and a half drive from Seattle, depending on your starting point and traffic. While you’re in that area you can take a sidetrip to La Connor for lunch, and your camera will be happy there too.

See his post here: Of Geese and Daffodils.


7 thoughts on “I’m Back and A Daytrip Suggestion

  1. Welcome back! I’m glad you got your internet thing sorted out. These many, many rainy days really put a damper on my photography motivation too. I’ve skipped out on a lot of photo challenges in the past few months. Hopefully, we will get some nicer weather and can motivate one another to participate.

    One of my main goals for the year is to get up to the tulip fields. I think I’m going to wait until the tulips are blooming, although the post you shared makes me want to go up there today while the snow geese and snowy peaks are still there!


    • When catching up on your blog I saw that you found geese much closer to home. 🙂

      I do feel a bit guilty about letting the rain drive me indoors like a hybernating bear. For Christmas I got gifts that included a new rain poncho for me and a rain jacket for my camera. But just like the bear, I couldn’t be budged from my winter den.

      Here’s to getting motivated again!


  2. Welcome back. I do think I could not live in Seattle, lovely as it is, because of the rain. I’m so used to constant sun now having lived in AZ for over 40 years that just a couple cloudy days sends me into a depression and I don’t like taking photos when it’s gloomy either.


    • My mom moved to Mesa a few years ago (though she spends summers up north still, doing a lot of traveling). We have some amusing weather conversations at times. In the winter I’ll say something like, “It was warm today, got up to 48 degrees”. And she’ll say, “We’re having a cold snap, it’s been in the 60s”.

      I enjoy the rain and gray, but only to a point. This winter and spring have been ridiculously gloomy and soggy. One thing that I love about frequent gray skies is that when we do have a really sunny day it feels like a glorious gift*. The kind of day where we all smile at each other in shared bliss and remark, “The Mountain is out.” (Referring to Rainier.) I don’t think people in other parts of the continent have that kind of deep appreciation for a mild sunny day like we Pacific Northwesterners do.

      * Speaking of fall through spring. It’s a PNW coast quasi secret that our summers actually tend to be very sunny and dry. That’s when many of us cower inside like vampires. 😉

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