Ballard Locks & Garden – Photographer’s Playground

ballardlocks11-20-15 045


Recently I posted a preview for the Ballard Locks. In a preview I have to try to cover a little bit of everything in order to provide all the info I think people might be looking for. So I didn’t emphasize one of the greatest things about the place as much as I would have liked. The Ballard Locks and Garden are a veritable playground for photographers.

Unless you only prefer sweeping landscapes in your photography, there’s something here to appeal to almost everyone. Enjoy older architecture? Check. Enjoy flowers? Check. Enjoy boats? Check. Enjoy birds? Check. Enjoy trains and tracks? Check.

So here’s a few more of my photos from my two outings that didn’t fit into the preview gallery that give an idea of the range of photo subjects. I had terrible light on my first day there, so if I have one piece of advice it’s that if you’re going specifically for photographic purposes, choose a day with light suitable for your subjects. Once there, wander everywhere and let your camera play.

ballardlocks11-10-15 066


ballardlocks11-10-15 080_20151209073115168


ballardlocks11-10-15 007


ballardlocks11-20-15 005


ballardlocks11-10-15 091


ballardlocks11-10-15 129


ballardlocks11-20-15 073


ballardlocks11-10-15 093




7 thoughts on “Ballard Locks & Garden – Photographer’s Playground

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the way the light is making that yellow leaf by the tracks glow and the colors in all your photos are so vibrant. These lovely sights make me miss fall so much!

    If we ever have sun on a weekend again, I’m going to have to overcome my “get out of town” inclination and go into the city to visit the locks. The variety of photo subjects you describe make it irresistible!


    • If you come all this way from where you live I recommend waiting until spring now to make it worth your while. I got the tail end of colorful leaves in November, so now there won’t be much color again until March or April when things are in bloom. Also you might want to see Volunteer Park on the same trip to make the distance worth it. It’s also a playground for anyone with a camera and I think you mentioned wanting to go there.


      • That’s a great idea! My husband owes me a tour of photogenic places in Seattle. (He has to chauffeur because I detest city driving and am terrible at it). It was something I requested for my birthday but we never got around to.

        On a somewhat related noted, I hope the snow in the Cascades sticks around until March or April this year because I really want to get some photos of the mountains with snow on them and Volunteer Park (if I remember right) offers a good view of the Cascades.


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