4 thoughts on “November in Mukilteo

  1. Hey, I recognize those lighthouses! They are perfect for the black and white challenge! Last time I was there (March) I saw that one is open to the public on weekends. I’m hoping to get down there soon to take a peek inside.

    I like the way you captured both of them in the shot with a few dark, Novembery clouds. Very atmospheric!


    • Thanks! As soon as I saw the house theme I knew this would be a good b&w. My extended family goes to Arnie’s there for Thanksgiving dinner every year. Unfortunately the camera that I had bought used was acting up and I only got a few photos. Now that I have a good camera I’m hoping to get some good stormy sky photos when I’m back there this coming November. They’ve really made a lot of improvements to the park since I’d been there as a teenager.


      • Yeah, we were surprised by all the improvements at the park. I’m so glad they’re keeping those houses up. I’ll have to try to keep the location in mind on stormy days. It would be great for that!


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