Bird’s Eye View

The new Space Needle webcam is now operational and it’s awesome!

The old webcam was pretty neat and it was a good way to check on what the weather was doing. But the camera only pointed in southerly directions, and since it was a live view you had to wait around 15 minutes to see a change of position.

The new camera is on a time delay, but the advantage is you get a complete 360 degree view. You can watch it slowly rotate, or drag your finger on the screen (on a mobile device) to speed things up or go back. No more long waits. You can also spin a wheel at the bottom of the image to go back in time to see what was going on earlier.

The Space Needle cam is a fantastic tool for planning park outings. You can see what the weather is doing in your direction, and make a good guess as to whether it will be staying the same, getting better, or getting worse.

It’s also valuable for photography enthusiasts. Check to see what the sky is doing when deciding if you want to venture out for sunrise or sunset. Or look to see if the mountain is out before driving across the city to a viewpoint.

Here’s the link:

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