Shoreline: Shoreline Park






North Shoreline

Special Features:

Short walking path loop through trees
Peaceful setting

Park Entrance:

East side of 1st Ave NE a few blocks north of NE 185th St.



Shoreline Park seemed like the type of neighborhood park I normally don’t bother previewing. The majority of the park is filled with soccer fields, tennis courts, and the Shoreline pool. But I saw a photo on the web that piqued my interest and I decided I should go have a look.

It was worth it. The very north end of the park has a lot of trees and benches, and a paved walking path that makes a loop. The trees are mostly firs and madrona, but there are quite a few other types mixed in as well.

Just north of the pool is angled parking along the east side of 1st Ave NE and that’s where you want to go.

Next to the parking is a grassy area with quite a few trees scattered around. Two picnic tables and a couple benches are located in this section.

Three paved paths lead into the park, located at both ends and in the middle of the stretch of parking. The south and middle path meet up right away to start the southern stretch of the park loop.

The walking path heads east, skirting the edge of a center section of denser trees. You’ll pass the soccer fields, where a bench is located, and come to the east end of the park, where there is a children’s play structure.

The east end is heavily shaded and is probably a wonderful place to go on hot days. There is a bench rest stop near the path, and another bench next to the play area.

From there you can head back the same way you arrived or keep following the path as it loops through the very north part of the park through a lot of trees and back to the grass area and parking. There aren’t any benches on the north path between the play area and picnic tables.

Shoreline Park is absolutely perfect for people who can’t (or don’t want to) walk very far, but who still want to get out and enjoy a more natural park setting. The entire loop is under a quarter of a mile in total distance.

If you really can’t go far, a paved path branches north from the south walkway not too far into the park. It passes the second picnic table and then hooks up with the north path for a mini loop back to the parking strip.

Shoreline Park is also a great place to go if you just want some peace and quiet while sitting at a picnic table or on a park bench. That is, provided you go earlier in the day during soccer season, as the fields get a lot of noisy use in the afternoons and on weekends.

I wish the park was close to where I live, as I’d use it a lot. Unfortunately, it’s a bit out of the way for me for this type of park.


Things to Know


Dawn to dusk


Two picnic tables.

Several benches scattered throughout the park.


The park bathrooms are located south of the pool, in between the soccer fields and tennis courts. This means they are not convenient to the north end of the park where you’ll be.

They have those horrid steel toilets without toilet seats.

If bathroom availability is an issue for you, I recommend that you time your park visits to when the pool is open so you can use the bathrooms in there.


Angled parking along the east side of 1st Ave. at the north end of the park.

There are a lot of parking spaces and most of the time you’ll find one available. Though occasionally they fill up when the soccer fields are in heavy use.

If the parking is full you can go around the block north of the park to the back side. There are a couple parking spots near the play area.


The north end of Shoreline Park is primarily used by people from the surrounding neighborhoods.

It doesn’t appear to be used that much, except by people passing through on their walks or bringing their children to play on the structure on the east side.

Photo Ops:

Nothing special.

Web Resources:

Map location

Pool schedule


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