An Evening at Olympic Beach in Edmonds


Saturday my best friend Ruth and I went to Olympic Beach in Edmonds to hang out and get caught up since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. We arrived at the beach a little after 5 pm.

The weather was sublime. It was about 71 degrees, there were only a few high hazy clouds, and a nice breeze was blowing off the water to make sitting in the intense June sun extremely pleasant. The lone picnic table was unoccupied, so we were able to nab it for our gab fest.

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Seattle Snowmageddon 2019 – Part 2


Seattle is packing our entire winter into two weeks this year. It has snowed again. Twice.

The “potentially significant” storm arrived on Friday and it started snowing in the afternoon. The temperature where I live was hovering right around freezing and the snowfall wasn’t that heavy, so not much was sticking and roads remained wet and bare.

But as night fell the temperature dropped and the clouds unloaded big time. I woke up early Saturday morning to almost 6 inches of fresh snow. Wow.

With deeper snow than last week, and it not being as cold, driving was looking to be trickier this time through the wet and heavy white stuff. And I wasn’t feeling at all enthused about clearing off my car. But I couldn’t resist. I wanted to go out and see the sights because we only get this much snow in the city once every decade or so.

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Floating Choirs

Do you like Christmas music, boats, and parks? You might want to check this out.

Argosy is taking their festively lit boats all over the area with choirs on board to carol for spectators on shore. Several of the stops will be at Seattle parks and the events are free. See this Parkways post for the schedule. The boats will also make stops at places other than city parks and in other cities like Tacoma, Des Moines, Kirkland, and Edmonds. If you’d like to see the entire schedule go to this Argosy webpage.