Driving Into Seattle


One of the things I occasionally like to do is snap photos as I’m driving. The first time I ever did it was on a solo week long camping trip I took to British Columbia in 1989 because there were some great views on a gravel mountain road I was driving and I thought the pics would make a nice memory of being on that road.

I usually only think to do it while on trips, but I’d like to do more around town because the pics capture place and time. These photos are from two different days when I was driving back into the city from being away and the traffic was slow.

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More La Conner Snapshots


I arrived back home from house sitting in La Conner on Friday night. My mom and step-dad had a great trip sailing around the South Pacific, except for my step-dad getting sick with the flu at the end. Luckily it was after they were off the cruise ship and staying at an RV park in San Diego.

The weather never cooperated (lots of clouds, rain, and wind) the entire second half of my stay, so these pics are from March. Except for doing a few timelapses of clouds from the house’s deck my poor camera stayed in its bag in April.

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