Seattle Under Construction


For the past more than a decade Seattle has been suffering under a constant construction boom. If you don’t like cranes in your skyline photos, good luck finding an angle to avoid them. In this photo almost all of the buildings you can see are new, and at least four are under construction. Many of our most distinctive looking buildings are now surrounded by others, hiding them. The roadway is under construction for the new tunnel too.

The Seattle skyline is almost unrecognizable compared to what it was twenty years ago, and tall buildings keep creeping ever closer to the Space Needle so that our icon doesn’t stand out as clearly anymore. Driving through the South Lake Union area is like driving through a completely different city from what it was, with only the street names still the same.

I don’t like it. I feel very grumpy about all of it.

CB&W = anything construction related.


11 thoughts on “Seattle Under Construction

    • Yeah. I keep trying to get myself pumped up to do previews for the West Seattle parks, including Alki, but it’s a crummy drive from north Seattle and will involve several trips. So I keep procrastinating. Within the last few weeks I saw someone post a 10 Year Challenge comparison of the skyline shot from Alki. 2008 vs. 2018. The differences between the two were shocking.

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    • I know what you mean! When I lived in the CD it was very convenient from my house to take a bus downtown, but I don’t like doing it from here. From West Seattle that’s quite a trip. A few weeks ago I drove on the new Mercer Street and wow are things different down there!

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