5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Yep, the Mighty Pacific. I went out to the coast at the beginning of the month. Trip report coming soon. It’s missing that gorgeous sort of teal color I see in your pics of the lake.

      (I am feeling a bit insulted on behalf of the world’s largest ocean that you compared it to a “mere” lake. 😀)


  1. I have to defend your other commenter. I’m originally from northern IN and don’t like the midwest at all but I do love Lake Michigan and every time I go it seems just like being at the ocean to me. I mean, you can’t see the other side or anything since it’s huge and the storms are violent with huge waves. It’s awesome and there are no sharks!

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    • Oh I was just joking. (Why I put “mere” in quotes.) I think those of us who have never seen the Great Lakes can’t truly appreciate how vast and great they really are. Dawn’s photos on her blog of Lake Michigan convey some of it, especially the stormy waves. 🙂

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