Some YouTube Channels I’ve Been Watching

Over a year ago I posted about some photography related YouTube channels I enjoy. I’ve added a few people since then to those I regularly watch, so figured I’d make another post. This time I’m giving a “starter link” for each one that I think provides a good example of their general style. If you don’t like that video you can try a couple of others and decide if they’re for you or not.


Omar Gonzalez

Omar is a professional portrait and wedding photographer who bought a Fujifilm X-T20 to make personal photography fun again. I found him because that’s the camera I own and he started making his videos right after I bought mine. While most of his videos relate specifically to Fuji cameras and lenses, a lot of what he talks about applies to any camera, just the terms used or controls may be different. Most of his videos are targeted at beginners learning to use their cameras. He has a goofy and nerdy sense of humor that I love.


Rachel Lerch

I just stumbled over Rachel a few weeks ago. I mentioned in my first post that I loved Thomas Heaton’s videos. I still do. I love seeing all the places he travels to, and I admire how methodical he is and how he knows what he wants. Rachel is the polar opposite of Heaton. Her approach to photography is much more relatable for an average hobbyist and much closer to my reaIity.

Rachel lives in Hamilton, Ontario and the majority of her videos are shot near where she lives, rather than on big trips. So her videos serve as inspiration to just get out and shoot even when you can only travel 10 miles and not to other countries. Her love of the outdoors really comes through. Even if you aren’t taken by her style, she did recently come back from a trip to the Canadian Rockies and you might want to watch those for the stunning scenery.


Traveling Togs

This married couple lives in Scotland and they enjoy taking short trips in Gilbert, their camper van. They also take big trips, like a recent one to Africa. Tog is a nickname for photographer. They are both professional photographers, but their videos are kind of a mix and not targeted to photographers specifically. They just started their YouTube channel this year.

They video going out on shoots and display some of the photos they take, but they don’t go into composition choices, camera settings, etc. The channel is mostly about following along with them on their outings and trips. They come across as very down to earth and the videos are just an enjoyable way to live vicariously.


James Popsys

James will definitely not appeal to everyone. He has a dry, self-deprecating sense of humor that amuses me greatly, but could be a real turn off for others. He’s a professional photographer, but his professional work is stylized composites for commercial purposes so has little to do with the videos he makes.

James lives in the UK and travels, so again it’s a chance to see a lot of great scenery. He does provide useful photography tips, but you have to enjoy his rambling to get to them. He shoots with micro four thirds cameras, which is unusual for a pro, so that’s kinda neat too.


Comments or questions always welcome!

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