Some Seattle Parks Stats for Summer 2018

Seattle Parks and Rec had a busy and productive summer. Here are some fun statistics.

* 1287 different summer camps were held, including activity camps, nature camps, and sports camps. There were 24,341 registered participants.

* There were 226,481 visits to the 9 lifeguarded beaches and 115,033 visits to the 22 wading pools.

* 892 children and youth took free swimming lessons at city swim beaches.

* There were 41,359 visits to the Japanese Garden, which is an increase of 9000 over last summer and set a record.

* 282 volunteer events were held for restoration work, with 12,023 hours of labor donated. 25 acres had invasive plants removed and 65,154 new plants were added.

* 12 downtown parks were host to 3,032 events (wow!), which included 221 hours of free concerts, 44 hours of free health and fitness programs, and 13 outdoor movies.

* Permits were issued for 2,513 picnics, 107 ceremonies, and 447 special events.

* 54,291 people attended Bicycle Sundays on Lake Washington Boulevard, an increase of 12% over last summer.

* 5,239 tons of trash was hauled away!

Source: Seattle Parkways blog.

2 thoughts on “Some Seattle Parks Stats for Summer 2018

    • If you’re interested you can look on your parks dept. website and see if there’s a blog or mailing list you can subscribe to. That’s how I get a most of my info about park events and stats.

      I was amazed at the number of permitted picnics! I didn’t realize the shelters and tables get reserved that much.


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