Street Art Hunt for Rainy Days

Photo credit: Rainworks.

Seattle has been having some gorgeous sunny weather this October, but the November gloom is right around the corner. If you’re looking for something different to encourage you to don the Gortex and get outside on drizzly days you might want to consider hunting down some Rainworks.

Rainworks are street art that only show up when it’s raining (or you pour a bucket of water over them). Perfect for Seattle, which is probably why the guy who started the whole thing got his idea here.

The designs are created with a stencil and a biodegradable water-resistant solution that creates a thin seal on the pavement surface. When it rains pavement darkens as it gets wet but the stenciled design remains the original pavement color and is revealed.

Rainworks are temporary, lasting 2-4 months on average, so you never know most of what is out there until you stumble over it yourself.

For more info about Rainworks and a map showing a few of the many locations around the greater Seattle area and the world see their webpage here. If you’re the artistic type and would like to create your own there is also info on how to do that. (The small size bottle of Invisible Spray is only $20 and can be ordered on the website.)

Comments or questions always welcome!

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