Free Swim Lessons at Seattle Parks

I took my very first swimming lesson at the park on Blackmans Lake in Snohomish when I was 8 or 9. I loved it so much I continued taking lessons, first at the YMCA in Everett, then went on to get my Red Cross Junior Lifesaving certification (no longer a thing) at the YWCA in Spokane by the time I was 13.

Swimming lessons are not only fun for kids like me, who was part fish, but they are an important part of safety for families that spend any time around the water, even just wading, on piers, or in boats. Almost 4,000 people drown in the US every year, and while knowing how to swim can’t prevent all drownings, it can prevent many of them.

Seattle Parks and Rec is offering free daytime swim lessons for youths aged 6-16 at all nine city lifeguarded beaches, and evening lessons at Madrona, Mt.Baker, Seward, and Pritchard beaches. Registration starts June 1st. For more info see this post on the Parkways blog.

4 thoughts on “Free Swim Lessons at Seattle Parks

    • Exactly! I noticed that the parks that also offer the evening classes are located near large low income populations.


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