Seagull and Wave Sequence

Normally I shoot photos one at a time. I don’t follow active children around or shoot sports, and even with squirrels and birds I usually take single shots. But sometimes with a quickly moving target I switch to burst mode to try to make sure I get at least one pic that has focus nailed and a good expression, turn of head or whatever.

Shooting in bursts like this is called “spray and pray.” It’s a somewhat derogatory term because rather than depending on skill and technique you’re betting that quantity will lead to something of quality. Derogatory or not, spraying and praying can be useful! And sometimes you end up with a fun sequence, like this seagull getting surprised by a wave.


La dee da, just paddling around.

Uh oh.

Fly, fly!

Upsy daisy.

Am I over?

Landing spot in sight.

Whew, made it.

La dee da, just paddling around.


2 thoughts on “Seagull and Wave Sequence

  1. Used that yesterday when we were watching an eagle. Sadly I had the focus on manual (and forgot that) and so when he flew off I got virtually zero good shots. Got a couple nice ones when he was standing in the tree though.


    • So many lost pictures because we forget about some setting! Glad you at least got some good ones before he flew off. I’ve had terrible luck trying to get a good eagle photo. They’ve all been blurry messes or much too distant until I finally got a juvenile in a tree this last December. But I’m still hoping for a good shot of the classic white head someday.


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