Sweet Winter Sunshine


We’ve been having an extremely gloomy winter in Seattle and I’ve hardly left the house for three months. Monday was the first completely sunny day we’ve had since January 3rd!

Even though it was cold, especially with the wind blowing, I had to get outside and make the most of it. I checked out a couple of parks I’d never been to before on the shores of Lake Washington and enjoyed some great views. But best of all, I found this spot to photograph my favorite subject, water and rocks.

We’re back to gloom today, but the sunshine was sweet while it lasted.

Posted for the WPC with the theme of “sweet.”

6 thoughts on “Sweet Winter Sunshine

  1. Like any PNW native, I know to enjoy the sweet winter sunshine whenever it appears. Sun on wet rocks and water-drop diamonds sparkling – nice to enjoy in person and a joy to see the details caught in a photo.


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