Seattle Parks Filmed in 1977

I just stumbled over this little movie on YouTube. (Link below.) It’s a 1977 short by Marvin Albert filmed in various Seattle parks. It’s fun guessing which parks the scenes are in, and seeing the clothing and cars.

Seeing the city skyline is shocking though. I mean, I know the skyline has changed dramatically in my lifetime, but somehow I’d forgotten just how sparse the skyscrapers were in the late ’70s.

In high school my best friend and I used to come down to the city from Edmonds to go to Seattle Center and to see independent and foreign films at the art houses. So it’s not like I never saw the view in person back then. But wow. My memory has somehow inserted more tall buildings than were there.

No wonder I was disturbed when plans for the 76 story Columbia Center were announced in 1980. At the time I thought it sounded completely ridiculous. Though, by the time it was completed in 1985 it didn’t stand out quite as much as it would have in 1977 because of a building boom, and I ended up thinking it looked pretty cool.

Parks, Pleasant Occasions, and Happiness


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