Red Moon Rising


For more than a week the skies in much of Washington State have been full of smoke from forest fires burning in British Columbia. At times the smoke is so thick you can see it in street lights at night and from the Space Needle cam you can only see the nearest hills. From Seattle we haven’t seen the mountains since the smoke first arrived. People have irritated eyes and trouble breathing. It’s expected to continue like this until the weekend.

The smoke has made for some extremely eerie sunrises, sunsets, and moons. The theme for the WPC this week is the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. I’m missing water, but this photo I took of the full moon rising this week represents the other three quite nicely. The rocky soil of the moon, and the air full of smoke particles from distant fires.

I haven’t altered the colors, it really did look red as the moon rose through the thickest band of smoke on the horizon.

If you want to see what the city looks like with all the smoke visit the Space Needle cam.


9 thoughts on “Red Moon Rising

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  3. Forest fires are awful but they do make for some fascinating sights, like this moon, beautiful but eerie. I read a blog from someone in Montana and they’re having a horrible fire season, too, so he has some interesting sunrise/sunset photos.


    • Yeah, a friend in Idaho is dealing with lots of smoke from fires in the area too. What’s a bit unusual is that this smoke is from Canada, not fires in Washington. Two or three summers ago we had smoky skies from a really horrible fire season here in the state, but it wasn’t as thick and only lasted a few days, not two weeks!

      I went out two nights ago to try to get a specific photo with the rising mooon, but the smoke was so thick on the horizon that even waiting for 20 minutes after moonrise I still couldn’t see it! So I had to give the idea up and head back home.


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