Couldn’t Resist


The theme for the WPC this week is “unusual.” Not in the sense of a photo of something odd or uncommon, but in the sense of the photo being atypical of what we usually shoot.

I’m around other people in parks all the time, but I rarely make them the subject of my photographs. In this case I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this little boy who couldn’t resist the siren song of the water, regardless of the fact it was the frigid water of Puget Sound in the middle of February. He reminded me of me as a child. I could never resist the water either, regardless of time of year or lack of suitable swimwear. (I’ve been known to take a dip in sweats, which are highly unsuitable, let me tell you!)


8 thoughts on “Couldn’t Resist

  1. Love this one! I like people photos but usually don’t take them. I feel intimidated unless I can get the shot without the person knowing. Don’t know why that is. I HAVE found that if you carry a big camera around people accept that you take pictures.


    • Exactly, I’m the same way. And then on the occasions I do take a photo they usually end up boring, and so deleted.


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