V is for Violent Storm


Seattle thunderstorms are typically wimpy. Sometimes all we get is a single peal of thunder.

But last week the Puget Sound area was hit with an unusually violent thunderstorm. At least one microburst in the South Sound area sent trees crashing through houses. Near where I live several key traffic lights were out due to lightning strikes, backing up rush hour traffic and turning a five minute leg of the journey into a 45 minute ordeal.

I luckily avoided all that. But I did go to Magnuson Park and capture some of the angry looking clouds. (Cee’s B&W Challenge this week is the letter V.)

9 thoughts on “V is for Violent Storm

    • Yeah, it was a nice temp. It was a bit muggy, but not nearly as bad as they’d been warning about, which was a big relief for me. Out of all possibilities I think my least favorite weather is when it’s in the 60s, overcast, and humid. I feel all sweaty and cranky, but since it’s not hot out it seems like I shouldn’t. 😀


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