Be Careful at Carkeek

I was at Carkeek Park last night and discovered that the park road did not come through the frozen winter and spring melt unscathed. (That may be an overly dramatic description of Seattle weather, but we did have a real winter this year.)  There are several quite serious potholes. So be careful driving through lest you break your car.

Also, on my way out I saw two glittering piles of car window glass on the pavement in the lower meadow parking area. Obviously two cars had been broken into, probably while their owners were out on the trails.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that Seattle’s most popular parks attract thieves along with lovers of the great outdoors. Golden Gardens can be especially bad at times. If you will be leaving your car at a park for an extended time in order to take a promenade, hike a trail, or picnic somewhere in the distance, make sure you don’t leave anything visible in the car that would tempt someone to break in and grab it. Whenever possible, try to engage in your park activities in sight of where you parked so you can keep an eye on things.


5 thoughts on “Be Careful at Carkeek

  1. Wow that stinks on both! We have the same issues here at some of our parks – my poor niece got broken into while trying to be a good momma taking her kids to the park. I’m just grateful they were all safe and not by the car but it still shook up the my eldest grand niece that someone would do that not to mention poor mom!


    • It’s a terrible feeling for sure. My cars have been broken into many times in Seattle over the years, but never at a park, and thankfully not in recent years.

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