Fellow Photographer



Most of the time I enjoy seeing other photographers out in the parks. We often exchange a nod and smile of recognition, cameras strung around our necks. Occasionally we’ll engage in a brief conversation over our gear or interesting shots we got that day.

But this time a fellow photographer was trying my patience, though he had no idea he was doing so because I was waiting at a distance. I also wanted to take some shots of the old pilings. But. He. Would. Not. Move. He stood there hunched over his camera for at least twenty minutes. So finally I took a photo of him cam blocking me. Heh.

(The water looks strange because of reflections off the glass on the ferry foot passenger ramp.)

Here he is again below, having finally moved on to another subject. I have to hand it to him. He appears to be well outfitted for a day of serious shooting.




Posted for Cee’s B&W Challenge with the topic of cameras and photographers.

12 thoughts on “Fellow Photographer

    • Very true! I never used to take photos of random strangers. But I’ve been trying it more often over the last couple years and I’ve even gotten a few keepers. (Though most just end up being boring photos of random strangers that are sent right to the delete bin. Heh.)


    • I wondered too! Especially since he wasn’t moving around to get different compositions and angles. Just that one spot with his camera resting on the piling.


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  2. Fellow photographers – don’t ya just luv ’em 😉 I wonder if it was his first day out with a new camera? I think you have a couple of nice candids there for the collection 🙂


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