Pictures of Pumpkins



I love pumpkins. I love the shape when you find a perfect pumpkin. I love the rich color and how it immediately evokes autumn. I love how they are both food and creative decoration. I love pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. I even love the sound and feel of saying the word pumpkin.

So when I read on the Wedgwood in Seattle History blog that the Boy Scouts were operating a pumpkin stand I knew I wanted to make a point of going with my camera. (I don’t live in the Wedgwood neighborhood, but it’s close enough to be a quick jaunt down the road.)

Unfortunately, this was our rainiest October on record so I didn’t get there until the last weekend the stand was open. I missed the best displays. But on the day I was there the sun was shining through some high hazy clouds and there were still pumpkins aplenty to entice my lens.






This bug looked like an ambulatory leaf crawling over the pumpkins.

This bug looked like an ambulatory leaf crawling over the pumpkins.


A perfect pumpkin.

A perfect pumpkin.


3 thoughts on “Pictures of Pumpkins

    • Agreed on the perfect fall photo op! I’d never gone out for that before though, so I was thrilled when I read about the stand not too far away. I was amazed at how many pumpkins were still there despite having been picked over on previous weekends. Normally you’d have to head out into the country to see such a display.


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