Scolding Squirrel

volunteer9-29-15 196


I live on a street that is completely lined on both sides with apartment and condominium buildings, so it’s not what you’d consider a wildlife haven. Yet nature is adaptable and persistent.  Gray squirrels don’t seem to care there’s only a narrow strip of trees, one tree deep, between the buildings and street in which to live out their furry little lives. They romp, frolic, eat, and mate here.

I don’t know what set this one off, but shortly after I parked my car it set up quite a racket with its scolding. First on the ground, then up on a branch in the tree. I had no idea they made such a variety of noises. In fact, I realized that some sounds that I’d been attributing to crows all these years are actually made by the resident gray squirrels.


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