Gadwalls are common year-round residents in the Puget Sound region now, but the birds originated in the Midwestern prairies, and the first Washington nests weren’t reported until the 1960s. A perfect example of how human activity (the spread of Eurasion milfoil and reduction of coniferous forests in this case) can significantly affect the range of species of wildlife.

Gadwalls are dabbling ducks like mallards, but will also occasionally dive. Though a drab duck, I think the males in breeding plumage, like this one, are rather dapper looking.

Photo taken at Matthews Beach in March 2016.

2 thoughts on “Gadwall

    • Hehe! I know what you mean. I’d probably seen them dozens, if not hundreds of times over my lifetime and just assumed they were mallards without bothering to look closer. Until I started looking closer. 🙂


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