Song Sparrow

logboomouting4-2-2015 039


Song sparrows are one of the most commonly seen birds in the Seattle area. I’ve seen or heard them in the majority of parks I’ve been to since starting this blog. They are year-round residents in all of Washington State.

They are one of the easiest small birds to photograph because they aren’t as fast as many of the small birds, they aren’t terribly shy, and they enjoy perching on branches for a while to sing.

This song sparrow put on an extended concert for me on an April day in the west section of Log Boom Park.


logboomouting4-2-2015 034



5 thoughts on “Song Sparrow

  1. Wow, these are beautiful photos! I haven’t yet been able to capture the song sparrow with my new camera. I love how you caught it singing in the second photo!


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